Point After Entertainment’s First Podcast Is Here

Here at Point After Entertainment (P.A.E) we’re very proud to announce the launch of the first podcast in our network. Our flagship show known as the TPA Podcast is hosted by Dougy, Sups and myself and is set to air every Monday on our Soundcloud. Episode one is out now and as a disclaimer to all we’re complete amateurs in this whole endeavor, the first episode was a test run of the software as well as a toe dip into the metaphorical pool to test the waters.

For the TPA show you can expect every week to see the three of us filling the airways with Weekly Recaps of the previous week’s blogs, hypotheticals for the three of us to discuss, interviews every so often and plenty of burning hot takes. As far as the future of P.A.E’s podcast umbrella this show will run for as long as we’re breathing, as well as potentially more shows added to the mix with some new talent as we find it. As I’ve said in a few previous blogs podcasting was the first dream Doug and myself had shooting the shit in a Taco Bell parking lot on a hot summer’s night. Numbers aside we do this because we love to and hopefully that comes off in our approach. Any feedback you guys have is not only welcome but encouraged, so feel free to interact with us on Twitter and let us know how to turn this from painfully mediocre to better than expected.

Author: Woody 

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