Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Early This Morning

On a day that brings fans all around the world so much joy, the NFL lost a great man this morning. Linebacker Edwin Jackson, 26, was one of two people killed early this morning in a suspected drunk driving accident. This is absolutely heartbreaking news regardless of the team you support, and a young man with the world at his fingertips was taken from his family and friends far too early. Players from around the league have done their best to paint the picture of a person held in high regards by all he knew, spreading positivity to every locker room he laced up in. From everyone here at The Point After we urge you to not lose this man in your thoughts on a day that is easy to get caught up in. Stories like this should be a warning sign for anyone enjoying the festivities of Super Bowl Sunday to drink responsibly and never drive while under the influence. Rest in peace Edwin Jackson and best wishes to all his loved ones.

Author: Woody

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