Moss, Owens, and Lewis Among Stacked HoF Class of 2018

Last night, the pro football Hall of Fame inducted some new member for the class of 2018. What a class this was, filled with talent and legends.
Everyone probably saw my reaction video on our twitter (@pointafterblog) of my guy Moss getting in. I was real worried, thinking like T.O. the freak would be jipped from a first ballot Hall of Fame nod as well. But my faith is restored in the Hall of Fame voters this year as they didn’t cast their vote for hall of famers based on if they liked the player or not. I think the hall of fame is back.
Speaking of T.O. He finally got the vote to give him that gold jacket and put him in the hall. It’s going to be amazing to see two of the best receivers of all time get in to the Hall of Fame together. It will also lead to some great speeches, with what I can only assume is great speeches with Owens saying fuck everyone and Moss with his charming country boy accent. Maybe some of the most memorable speeches ever. I can’t imagine we’ll see Mcnabb or Romo in the audience supporting Owens, but he’s deserving of the bust in Canton.
Ray Lewis also was able to get in, an easy first ballot Hall of Famer, and a speech to go along with that I’m already assuming will bring most to tears. It’s a special year for the Hall of Fame, and as mentioned your VP will be there as an ambassador for The Point After. Keep your eyes pealed when watching the speeches in August
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