Tom Brady Wins His Third NFL MVP Award

In the least shocking and most deserved award win of all time, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won his third MVP award last night at the NFL Honors award show. Adding to his unbelievable trophy cabinet now consisting of five Lombardi trophies with a potential sixth tonight, four Super Bowl MVP’s, three regular season MVP’s, as well as a Comeback Player of the Year. The G.O.A.T’s lesser known accolades also include a spot in People’s 2012 Sexiest Man Alive campaign and a GQ Man of the Year. This Most Valuable player makes him the oldest winner in any four of the major sports at 40 years 6 months, beating out Giants slugger Barry Bonds who won at 40 years 4 months old. The award also puts him in the elite group of players with more than two MVP wins, including Peyton Manning, Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, and Brett Farve. Fans from all over the globe seem to finally be coming to terms with his rightful position atop the hierarchy of the QB1 greats, with almost no argument left against him.

The best part of this is that the award means almost nothing to him compared to the thought of a sixth ring later today. While accolades will always provide a sense of accomplishment to the winner, Tom Brady is so hyper-focused on winning rings it’s as if he was planted on the Earth to tear down every opponent in his path. No single NFL player has ever won six rings, and it will tie Brady with any TEAM of all time. Sadly the high honor of Patriot of the Week has still eluded the quarterback and I can only assume this slight is eating away at every fiber of his being. Long live Tom Brady, God Bless the Patriots tonight, and most importantly pour one out for slimy Roger Goodell’s worst nightmare coming true.

Author: Woody 


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