Super Bowl Thoughts From A Broken Man

Waking up this morning I had a million thoughts running through my head regarding the big game, what could’ve been as well as the future of the New England Patriots. First and foremost goes a big congratulations to the Eagles and a fanbase that got the ring they’ve wanted for so long. Half of my family are from Philly and have been surprisingly respectful through this tough, tough time. I’ll get into my thoughts on New England in a second, but what a game that was. No matter the team you support it was a nail biter from start to finish, shattering the postseason record for most offensive yardage in the process. Bias aside I’m a football fan at heart and although the outcome wasn’t what I had hoped for, the game itself cemented itself as an all-time great Super Bowl.

Malcolm Butler Super Bowl

Image from Deadspin

At this point in the article I’ve had to stop to wipe the tears off my keyboard seven different times, and if I’m honest this therapist’s couch is my new mailing address. I never thought I’d have to question whether or not coaching was the problem in New England, and it still never will be. Bill Belichick is undoubtably the greatest to ever do it, but zero Malcolm Butler snaps in a game that your defensive backs are getting toasted is just the wrong decision. I don’t care if he slept with Bill’s wife, a healthy Butler deserves to play in that game. As a fan you hate to see a player that’s done so much for the franchise belittled on football’s biggest stage, I’m sure there will be more on the story so I’ll reserve all judgement until the facts are set. On to a lighter note, Tom Brady played one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen under center. I don’t care about his passing numbers or the strip sack, watching him pick apart an elite defense is simply incredible. Another stellar performance that is getting lost in all the controversy is Danny Amendola, who once again proved his worth to the League on it’s biggest stage. His catch on the final drive’s fourth and ten comes to mind immediately, but in every big moment he seemed to slip the coverage and give Brady a chance. The Patriots defense lost them the Super Bowl fair and square. The unit has struggled all year with subtle improvement throughout the season, but you cant give an offense like Philadelphia the chances they had last night.

Speaking of Philadelphia they just simply beat the Patriots. Yes they got two very controversial calls on scoring plays to go their way, but it’s the Patriots defense that allowed them into those positions. Nick Foles did what nobody expected and was almost toe to toe with the greatest to ever do it the whole game. The big star wasn’t the quarterback, it wasn’t the trio of running backs or even the defense, the Eagles simply don’t win that game without the stellar play of the offensive line. Foles had all day under center for the most part and the ground game was unstoppable at times, all thanks to the burly boys up front.

In conclusion all of this just really sucks. I thank the 2017/2018 Patriots for giving the fanbase an incredible year, and contrary to popular belief this isn’t the end of the world. All of this talk about retirements across the board is purely speculation that I won’t even entertain until there’s more to it. I can almost guarantee you Brady and Belichick will be on that field next year, and Gronkowski as well. Not done is the motto of this team for a reason, and the League better be ready for a hell of a ride next year. The Point After Podcast will air tonight sometime around 8 for all of those looking for the raw, unfiltered reactions to the game as well as the storylines appearing after the smoke cleared. Follow us on Soundcloud for weekly podcasts every Monday night on all things football. Long live the Patriots, congratulations to the Eagles, and thank you guys for giving us a platform to do what we love.

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