Tom v Time Episode 5 Review

Tom v Time episode 5 has come and gone and this one was very cool as it focused into Tom’s marriage a little more which was cool to see Gisele’s side of things that she believes. One thing that stood out was how she DEFINITELY doesn’t want him playing too much longer. I fear she will eventually threaten a divorce so he will stop playing because it really seem like he doesn’t want to slow down.

This episode had some laughs though, I really got a kick out of when Gisele was talking to him about things to do for a New Year’s ceremony his response was “Yeah we’re playing on the Saturday in the Playoffs so.” They’re still America’s couple though, still holding hands through a drive and kissing.

This episode did make me cry though, as when they asked Brady if he wanted to win MVP, his response was he wants the Super Bowl MVP. Getting to watch it today after the tragedy for Boston sports fans around the world yesterday, it sure as hell was sad to know it wouldn’t come true for him this year.

Although it’s a tough loss and seeing this episode was a little hard, he’s still our quarterback, and I can’t wait for next season to see my Patriots back.

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