Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts Head Coach Job and I have some Theories

Today was supposed to be a new age for the Indianapolis Colts. Today, the Colts were going to introduce their next head coach, Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Yesterday morning, the Colts announced that McDaniels was going to be their head coach. But last night, McDaniels decided to stay as the offensive coordinator for the Patriots, leaving the Colts for dead.

I wrote a little preview for what McDaniels was going to try to do in the rebuild process for him joining the Colts a while ago. And as a guy who likes the Colts, It is sad to see the Colts coachless and really is kind of fucked up that McDaniels ditched them this close to the start of the offseason, but being a bigger Pats fan, I’m glad he’s back and I have one BIG theory.

First, something tells me that this might be Belichick’s last season on the sidelines. Before McDaniels left New England, I’m sure Belichick promised McDaniels that his days are numbered in New England, and McDaniels would be the first name Belichick would recommend to replace him. I also do think that Brady’s last season is definitely not this upcoming season. The McDaniels-Brady duo is maybe the best for an OC-QB of all time and I think if McDaniels is heir to the throne, he wants his quarterback with him. I also don’t see a quarterback the Pats could draft early enough, unless of course Belichick mysteriously finds this guy hiding in some midwestern school, that the Pats could take that will be the heir apparent to Tom Brady.

I also feel something must not be great with Andrew Luck. When you are rebuilding, it’s easier to have a great quarterback who’s healthy that can help stabilize an offense. I feel Luck’s rehab could have hit a bump, which McDaniels didn’t like. He doesn’t have Kyle Orton to fall back on anymore. As mentioned before, it would be hard, but a fun project to rebuild the Indianapolis Colts from the ground, and they’d be a hero forever. But McDaniels must have seen something to scare him off.

Lastly, people feel maybe Kraft wanted to screw over the Colts in any way possible. Which I don’t blame him honestly. When deflategate happened, it was made into this huge deal. I always say Aaron Rodgers admitted to over inflating footballs so why isn’t he punished for it? People always say “well Brady got caught doing it”. Okay fair, but would Jay Cutler be getting a 4 game suspension? I doubt it. So why wouldn’t Kraft want to fuck them over? I also caught Chris Ballard’s press conference and at the end he said “the rivalry is back on”. While I love the enthusiasm, maybe he should have checked his roster and realized he didn’t have Peyton Manning from 10 years ago on his roster. Nevertheless, it will be one interesting game when each team plays next year.

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