Netflix is Coming in Clutch Now That Football’s Over

While everyone in college looks forward to the weekend, for football fans everywhere, this one will be a little different. There is no football at all this weekend. Sure there are other sports, but it’s like when you meet the perfect girl and she leaves you, there are other great girls but they can’t be on the same level as that one perfect girl. So what can you do? Welp, Netflix is coming in clutch.

In the past 6 months since football started, I have used Netflix a total of like, three times. But finding myself not consumed every second of every day with football, I decided to check it out again. I will say, I was losing my love for Netflix. They were losing some great shows and the remaining shows/movies I had seen numerous times. But they are back in my list with just saucing up two movies. Five and a half hours that can keep my mind off football and the haunting of the Super Bowl. These two movies are Goodfellas and the Godfather. Two classic American gangster movies are on Netflix and I actually had no clue. I’m pumped to watch these movies and if Netflix can bring back some more classic movies, the football offseason will be much smoother thanks to our favorite gangster Henry Hill and a solid Al Pacino movie. The offseason got a little better.

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