Rob Gronkowski’s House Robbed and I Have Some Theories

It has to be the worst feeling in the world to lose the Super Bowl for any NFL player, and especially after a monster game that Rob Gronkowski had to do all he could to win but come up short. But imagine after all of that, coming home and seeing your house has been robbed. That’s exactly what the Gronk had to come home to on the Monday after the Super Bowl. There were reports that safes and guns that belonged to Gronkowski were stolen.

There isn’t really much to write about this as the police haven’t released all of their information as they continue to do their investigation. But for the information that we do have, here’s a few takes I have on this:

Who the hell let Rob Gronkowski have a gun? I’m not saying he’s in any way dangerous, he’s a big goofball. But we all know he is no stranger to parties. I could totally see him posing with some pistols and pretending to shoot someone. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Second, I’m not sure how much money was in the safes, but I’m truly hoping that maybe it was enough for him to think about coming back for another NFL paycheck. Obviously we all know about his retirement rumors after years of getting abused in the NFL. Maybe these were just some passionate fans who wanted to rob him and forcing his hand into playing again.

I do hope he finds what was stolen in all seriousness, and I’m sure he will be fine, as he’s smart with his money. I do hope he does come back. We all need another season of Gronk.

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