TPA Weekend Round Up

What a weekend for the Point After. Perhaps the biggest week of the year so far for transactions in the NBA, to a new highest paid NFL player, big things happened. Yet your good ole Point After crew decided to simply take the weekend off. We never promised efficient work, not even good work, just some updates. So as the VP, I’ll give a quick rundown and throw in my takes on the news.

First, Patriot alum Jimmy GQ is now the highest paid player in NFL history, inking a 5 year deal to stay long term in San Francisco. A lot of backlash was coming in for giving Garoppolo $137.5 million dollars when he is still unproven for the most part. But hey, if you think you have your guy, definitely tie him down. QBs don’t just grow on trees. The niners have their guy.

Second, the Cavs traded essentially their entire roster minus their star player/head coach/GM Lebron James. Since the weekend has passed however, the Cavs look younger and like a new team. This move could really benefit the Cavs, even though most were worried about losing some stars like guard Isaiah Thomas. There was some reported turmoil with IT and James, so the trade wasn’t a total blindside. But what surprised me is where IT ended up being traded to. The LA Lakers traded for Thomas and Thomas made a point to say he will not be coming off the bench. A statement that seems far fetched as the Lakers have Lonzo Ball at the point and IT isn’t exactly a 2-guard. IT did look good coming off the bench though, but it’s still surprising that the Lakers even felt they needed Thomas.

Our bad on our mini vacation, we’re back with the news though and expect a podcast soon.

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