Quavo Wins NBA Celeb Game MVP

Since the football season has come to an end there’s several sporting spectacles to keep track of. The olympics are for sure on the agenda for future The Point After posts but I wanted to talk about this weekend’s NBA All Star game in LA. However before the actual game there are always several appetizers like the skills competitions (3pt contest and dunk contest), the Rising Stars game, and the topic of this blog- The celebrity game.

The celeb games are always fun to watch because you get to see the athleticism, or lack there of, your favorite musicians, actors, etc. This years game had several big names like Justin Bieber, Bubba Watson, Jamie Foxx, and Nick Cannon (Because he obviously needs to take a break from whatever the hell he does now.) Former NBA players like Paul Pierce, Nate Robinson, and Tracy Mcgrady also made the celeb roster. Out of all the players on the court last night, whether former athletes or not, it was the Migos rapper Quavo who ended up being the try hard MVP. When I initially looked at the roster I assumed former players would be the ones dunking on an actresses but they actually looked pretty relaxed. To my surprise, it was Quavo who balled out. I have seen the videos of him on social media playing pickup and I knew he was a good ballplayer but jeez he came ready to play. He was grabbing rebounds like it was game 7 of the finals. I could only imagine he was the kid in high school who dropped 50 pts in gym class when they were finishing their basketball unit even though most kids were in jeans because they forgot their gym clothes at home.

Quavo’s official stat line had him finishing the game with 19 pts,5 rebounds, and the games MVP trophy. It’s hard to say he doesnt deserve it, but somebody should have told him to chill after elbowing a poor lady to get a rebound. I wish he had used the effort he used on the court tonight and put it in Culture II instead. (Boom Roasted) It happens every year, there is always one person to go full Kobe on the court but this year it just wasn’t who I expected it to be.


Photo: hollywoodlife.com

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