Why TPA Hasn’t Posted in a While

We’ve had an off few weeks here at TPA entertainment. With no way to brag about the Super Bowl and the offseason still slowly underway, not a lot of football is able to be shared. Even this week, there isn’t much to talk about on the basketball front since the All-Star break. It’s definitely been a slow week but I also realized something: No one else has anything to talk about either. I found myself sadly watching maybe the worst sports show ever, Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. In between Skip looking as if he was holding in a mean fart the entire time and Shannon saying”Skip” everytime he was trying to make a point, I noticed that they have nothing to talk about either.

Undisputed decided they would have a debate about if Lebron is better than MJ. Yikes. what a cringey debate that was. Shannon Sharpe actually seemed to just have no idea what was going on half the time while yelling “Skip!” and his only point he brought up was that, and I can’t even make this up, “Think about all the Michaels, Michael Jackson Michael B. Jordan. There’s only one Lebron” Yes that was a literal quote on Undisputed. And he was arguing the case for Lebron too. Boy what a lawyer Shannon Sharpe would make. When everyone asked him what the hell he was talking about the host of the show, Joy Taylor, quickly changed the topic so they could continue to hide his either lack of an education or CTE.

I watched more Undisputed clips on Youtube because if you actually tune into that show I question if you’re even a true sports fan. In a different episode,Skip put Lebron James 10th all time. For any person that has ever heard of basketball everyone knows Lebron is no question a top 3 player ever, and Skip was just out looking for some retweets. The other absurd argument made by Skip was Lebron doesn’t go to the free throw line in big games. Nick Wright, a reporter who’s usually seen on First Things First with Cris Carter, made the point that James took the winning free throw shots in what was the biggest game of his life against the Warriors in the finals two years ago. Skip tried to argue that it was Kyrie Irving and when everyone and their mother on the show crushed him and proved how wrong he was, Skip Bayless’s answer was simply “ I can’t give you that one”. I’m not sure why or how this is the case. It was brushed under the rug while I sat there in awe that Skip Bayless was proven wrong and his response was “I can’t give you that one.”

I can’t lie, I was feeling bad that we weren’t producing content for our loyal following. But after seeing the shit show of what they do on that stupid, moronic, sorry excuse for a television program, I’d rather not waste anyone’s time with bullshit like that. I know Woody and I differ on our opinions on the MJ and Lebron topic. But I can tell you in our next podcast that should drop real soon, there will be no bullshit debates. Only true ones everyone wants the answer to.

Image from media.ablocal.go.com


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