Grease is a fire movie, don’t @ me

I must admit: watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl really did something to me. I know I tend to bitch about this a lot. But the only thing I could possibly compare it to is child birth. When one gives birth, it’s said to be so excruciatingly painful but when the kid does something cute you remember the pain of childbirth, yet it seems so much less painful so you start the process over again. When the Pats lost the Super Bowl 6 years ago, I remember the pain. But seeing them win 2 more made me forget just how painful it is to lose in the Super Bowl.
I have to give it to my lady. She’s been very supportive in this trying time for me. She’s helped me out and convinced me to binge watch some movies. I am usually watching football, basketball, or reliving the glory of the Patriots year round so I don’t have time for movies. But with all the “Philly Special” b.s. I think it’s good to step away from the game a little bit.
Anyway, my girlfriend convinced me to watch Grease, the musical with John Travolta. A classic. The upbeat tunes like “Grease Lightning” and the nice high school summer vibes of “summer nights” really got me in a better mood. And most of all, seeing Danny Zuko and the T-birds chilling out like total badasses reminded me of the simpler high school times where I did absolutely none of that. I couldn’t help thinking when they were working on that piece of shit car that if that was my pals today, we’d probably be sitting around eating Taco Bell because that’s all we’re above average at.
Nevertheless, I don’t care who you are: Grease is absolutely a classic movie and most of the songs are straight fire. For all you Pats fans still in a hole over the Super Bowl. I bet you the onscreen chemistry of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta and the angel-like voices will cheer you right up.

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