So The Bruins Are Pretty Good At This Whole Hockey Thing, Huh?

I’m never going to sit here and try and play myself off as a big hockey guy, I haven’t before and I won’t start now. That being said I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I enjoy the occasional B’s game from time to time. Last night I had some free time away from my unsurprisingly open schedule to catch the Bruins game. Over the course of the next few hours spent with a cold brew and a bag of Hot Cheetos I watched my team beat down on the Penguins. I don’t watch a ton of hockey but scoring eight goals seems like a favored outcome, especially when the other team only pots four. That’s like, twice the goals. Go team.

Over the years I’ve learned one lasting rule of the frozen game that stuck with my feeble brain; chicks DIG shots on net. I don’t know what the poon game of the Bruins roster looks like, but they’ve got the mantra down to a science. Shot after shot peppering whatever probably Eastern-European was in net for the ‘Guins and let me tell you, things happened last night. The best part of the Bruins is the amount of blue blooded Americans that fly across the ice. There’s a Brad, a Riley, sprinkle in a Rick or two and that’s enough to offset all the Tukka and Zdeno’s out there. This blog is really just an announcement that I’m now all in on this team. Cup or bust 2018, you heard it here first.

Author: Woody

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