2018 NFL Combine Winners/Losers

The NFL Combine is already over, and it means we’re officially in the offseason. Young 20 year olds have had their biggest interviewers in Indianapolis this weekend and attempted to impress one of the thirty-two teams that could be their home for the next few years. Sometimes players boost their draft stock at the combine and make a name for themselves, hoping to make a better paycheck. Others crumble in the spotlight and hur their draft stock greatly. Here’s some winners and losers from the NFL Scouting Combine 2018.

Saquon Barkley: A top-5 prospect to begin with, Barkley exploded onto the scene at the combine, hitting more bench reps than Joe Thomas, a faster 40 then Devin Hester, and a higher vertical than Julio Jones. I won’t lie I didn’t know how good he would be, I wasn’t a fan of his running style in a sense I don’t know how it would do in the NFL. But with this combine, he seems like a can’t-miss prospect. I think if I were Cleveland, I would take him first overall despite my needs at QB.

Shaquem Griffin: The one-handed linebacker caught the eyes and hearts of many at the combine with the fastest 40 time by any linebacker ever. This definitely boosted his draft stock, but still look for him to be a mid-round pick.

Baker Mayfield: The Heisman trophy winner greatly struggled with his accuracy throwing the ball at the combine, which is kind of important at the quarterback position. I’ve long said that Mayfield is too short and not athletic enough to get by in the NFL with weak accuracy. A poor combine may put him out of the first round. But who knows, maybe the Browns take him number 1.

Orlando Brown: this projected first rounder had maybe the worst combine day of all time. He looked lazy and sluggish during drills and put up a 40 time that I am confident all of us here at TPA entertainment can beat. (a 5.86). Even if his college QB Baker Mayfield is right in saying the drills don’t show how good of a pro he could be, a guy who clearly didn’t take the combine seriously is not a guy I want on my team.

Cannot wait for the draft and to see where these winners/losers end up, as there is still a lot to play out.

Image from files.shandymedia.com


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