I’d Like A Moment of Your Time To Talk About Our Lord And Savior; Brad Marchand

The Bruins have hit a wall in the season, several players battling injuries and last minute trades at the deadline have jumbled up the hockey team as of recently, and still find ways to win games. With former dark horse MVP candidate Patrice Bergeron and ole Chuckles McAvoy both out with injury the Bruins need people to fill holes. Although they went and got several additions like Rick Nash (old) and USA olympic captain Brian Gionta (even older)they are still being carried by captain clutch himself, Brad Marchand.

After a rather rough end to the month of February, the Bruins haven’t lost in March and we can credit it to Marchand, hell the month of March is even in his name! (slaps knee). However it almost feels like the Bruins are intentionally trying to give the people of Boston heart attacks by the way they’re playing. My ideal game isn’t one where they give up early goals and don’t score until the late third period. They have been playing pretty flat and haven’t been able to keep the puck in the opponents zone. The only reason they have been winning has been the nose-face killer himself. Marchy has scored the 3 game deciding goals in the last 3 Bruins wins this month and the Point After was in attendance to see one of the OT winners. With the recent string of clutch goals, Marchand now has the most regular season OT goals in NHL history.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, if you’re not a Bruins fan you probably HATE Marchand. Hes chippy, knows how to trash talk, and is known for some dirty plays. He was also just fined $2,000 for embellishment so obviously not a role model. Regardless, if you ask any New England hockey fan who they think about before bed, they’re gonna say Brad Marchand.


Photo: NBC Sports

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