The Offseason has Officially Started

We’re finally at that time of the NFL offseason where I can finally get out of bed be ready for the big offseason moves around the league. Every year it always feels like so much, but we’re always excited to see which superstar will be cut from their team. It always seems surreal, but we already have big moves going on

First, the Seahawks dealt star pass rusher Michael Bennett to the Super Bowl champion Eagles. There were rumors that the Pats were desperately trying to get him in a trade but the Seahawks decided to screw us over I guess. But the extremely talented Eagles just got so much better.

Jarvis Landry was just traded to the Cleveland Browns after being franchise tagged by the Dolphins. I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to trade someone who you franchise tagged, so expect Landry to read between the lines of that rule and get the hell out of Cleveland unless he is really intrigued by what the Browns are trying to create. (Go 5-11).

Lastly, Richard Sherman is a free agent as the Seahawks cut him today. I’m not sure why wasn’t traded to get something in return but Sherman is ready to mingle. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think he would look good in a dark blue jersey.  I’m hoping Sherman can be a shutdown corner in New England. But what about the Seahawks? What is there play by attempting to deal away their entire defense other than rebuilding. Watch for the Seahawks to be bad for a year. First take of the season.

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