Holy Browns: The Trade/ Free Agency Weekend Roundup

Free agency for the NFL starts Tuesday, and I’ll be damned if I thought Cleveland could look like an attractive landing spot this offseason. Within the day, Cleveland traded for Tyrod Taylor and receiver Jarvis Landry. The two AFC East rivals are now teammates as the Browns were absolutely dealing over the weekend. A lot of the moves cleared up a question-filled offseason yet made some other more situations even more confusing. So here’s what it’s going to look like:
Cleveland is desperate and needs to make sparks before they lose their jobs because everyone knows it should have happened last year. Now Cleveland has Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry as well as T-mobile tossing the ball to them. This also shows that maybe Cleveland will not pursue Kirk Cousins, and will take the coveted Saquan Barkley first overall. What makes everything more confusing is if Tyrod Taylor is really the QB of the future in Cleveland. Nothing is set in stone there.
These moves tells us the Bills are in the running for a quarterback. They gained a lot of picks with the trades they have, so look for the Bills to move up in the draft to get their next franchise-QB. If the Bills do move up, I can’t imagine a more Josh Allen landing spot than the mean streets of Buffalo.
In other news, Richard Sherman crushed Pats fans hearts with his decision to sign with the 49ers. I just want to say I called the 49ers would be good really soon when Shanahan and Lynch took over, so it’s amazing to see what’s building in San Fran. Free agency hasn’t even started, and already the NFL looks completely different.
Image from twitter.com

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