2018 NFL Draft First Round Takes

This draft was set up to be one of those drafts that you will soon see in “Caught in the Draft”. The anticipation was so great, and all of a sudden the first round is gone, and I’m sure no one really cares too much anymore. So let’s run though some of the moves from the first round.

Cleveland suprised everyone with taking Baker Mayfield number 1 overall. Wheather you love or hate Baker, you can’t deny he looks like a guy who probably will bust in the next few years. So Cleveland being Cleveland, they decided why not take him? There was a plethora of QBs to take and they thought Mayfield was the one. I’m just actually shocked this happened. I have no other words than wow.

The AFC East has 2 more QBs in Sam Darnold going to the Jets and Josh Allen going to the Bills. I really think that Allen is the perfect fit in Buffalo and has the best potential to flourish there. Sam Darnold hopes to not be the latest USC quarterback to not pan out in New York as he was selected by the Jets. I really think he has the tools to succeed, but can the Jets rebuild quick? I sure hope so or the only thing Darnold will be putting up Mark Sanchez-like highlights.


Josh Rosen was picked by the Cardinals and he enters quite the division. There may be some growing pains but if they can play their cards right and continue to build around him, the NFC West can be the best division in football again.

The Patriots thankfully passed on Lamar Jackson. Don’t get me wrong I’m high on him, but it would be quite a process to make him the future of the franchise. Instead the Pats took two Georgia boys. Tackle Isiah Wynn who can fulfill the left tackle need. And Sony Michel, who looks like a quicker, faster, younger, and as Woody said to me earlier today, a more handsome Dion Lewis. All is well in New England again.

Meanwhile, the Ravens selected Lamar Jackson 32nd overall and it looks like the elite Joe Flacco’s days are numbered.

The draft was quite exciting and had a lot of trades and did not dissapoint. However, it kept me from doing many papers which explains why this blog may be a little poor. My apologies and I promise you beautiful people some better work in the future.


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