Can Tom Brady Keep his Mouth Shut or Leave the Pats Already?

Obviously the story that has been hanging over the head of Patriot fans everywhere is the unhappiness of Tom Brady in New England. From the leaked ESPN story to odd instagram posts when Malcom Butler left for Tennessee, Pats fans’ boots have been shaking harder than Charlie Sheen in rehab. Rightfully so, as it’s scary when your best two players want to leave. But unlike Brady, Gronk has put aside his bullshit and said he’s ready to suit up for the 2018 season. Tommy, however, has not.

While Brady has decided he will suit up for next season, he seems to keep running his mouth about how much he doesn’t feel appreciated and is not happy with how things are being run in New England. Just recently in an interview, when asked if he feels appreciated in New England, Brady responded with “I plead the fifth.”

I know any Patriot fan who reads this will hate me, call me a fake fan, poison my food, whatever. But I feel this needs to be said: If you don’t like it, go home.

Look at the facts. Brady has won five rings and been to eight Super Bowls with Belichick. For 18 years, Belichick’s system has worked and really make Brady’s life just so much better. And for years, including this one, Brady has gone out of his way to not make any rash or controversial comments. Now Brady has gotten a little more sensitive in his old age to whatever has happened. Now to him Belichick’s system isn’t working for Tommy Boy and he’s letting everyone know it. But hey, if you’re going to stay in New England for next season than shut your mouth. If you don’t like it I’m sure there are plenty of teams that would actually saw off a foot to have Brady just be near their facilities. But he’s making the choice to stay with Belichick and continue on in his “hellish” work life. The Patriots, including Brady, are all about no distractions and attempt to only focus on football. Brady running his mouth is just simply a distraction now that is just needless. If it’s so tough for you and you’re so unhappy, then request a trade or retire. Otherwise it’s time to get back to work.

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