Of Course The Raptors Blow Game One to Lebron. Sweep Coming?

While everyone in the entire basketball universe knew that the Toronto Raptors are a WEAK 1 seed and had no shot going into the Cavs series, I had my hopes for our Canadian cousins. Sure, they looked like the same old Raptors, but the Cavs are bad. Like, REALLY bad. The Cavs are like a tough steak with Lebron being the entire steak, JR Smith being the butter on top of the steak, and Kyle Korver the Broccoli on the side: you don’t want to eat it, but it can be good for you. At the end of the day, it’s a cheap, tough steak. But it’s still a nice hunk of meat you order. Demar DeRozan has been playing really well and Lowry and Valencunius have been complimenting him nicely.

Sure, I did think the Cavs would win in 6, Lebron would find a way. But I thought the latest Lebron sweep of the Raptors was not meant to be, until yesterday. Toronto seemed to have a solid handle on game one, but the Lebron and the Cavs came storming back along with a little butter from JR. Right at the end of the game, the Raptors had countless consecutive offensive rebounds and just kept missing layups in order to send it to overtime. I haven’t seen that many missed layups since I played in my local rec league. But hey, I was more of a defensive force. But with the Raptors just having a record of so many laughable moments in just one possession, I admit I was just simply wrong, this is the same old Raptors and I expect a gentleman’s sweep at the very least.

image from inquisitor.com


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