Celtics Go Up 2-0 Against Lebron James and Horrid Cavaliers Squad

The Boston Celtics continue to shock the world by going up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference finals against the Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers. Even with their best 2 players hurt, the Celtics seem to just continue to gel and continue to beat any and all challengers.

The Point After was able to send a representative to this game to see the Celtic hype. I must say I was disappointed we weren’t treated like ESPN reporters. The seats we got were the nosebleeds.


Yeah, not great. But hey, we were in the building and another step closer to making our presence felt. I entered the game excited to see some good playoff basketball, and almost expected that this would be the game Lebron would do his thing and take over. Lebron did not disappoint one bit, posting a triple double in the loss. But boy was it great to see the Celtics get a big win at home. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside a louder stadium. Even from the tip the crowd was ready and the Celtics seemed to feed off of it. The chemistry between these guys is almost beautiful to watch and I never want to see it end. 

As for the Cavs, it seems to be time to find their next small forward as I think even Cleveland would be surprised if Lebron stays with the Cleveland High School junior varsity squad that is pretending to be the Cavaliers. This was truly the night where they imploded. I personally feel it started when Marcus Morris hit an and-one bucket and simply started screaming and got closer to Tristan Thompson’s face than @ms.stephaniee_’s ass ever did, and after seeing the text messages and the sextape, I’d say Morris got pretty damn close.

The real kicker though was when J.R. Smith fouled Al Hortford with a swift shove in an open layup. This led to a small brawl and the entire stadium chanting “FUCK YOU J.R.”. It was surprising he wasn’t tossed from the game with a dirty foul like that, but with the way he was playing, it would’ve been a disservice to the Celtics to take him out of the game.

As bad as the Cavs look, I don’t think this series is over. Look for the Cavs to take at least one of these two home games in games 3 and 4, but ultimately, look for the Celtics to advance to the finals. 

Image from SI.com


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