Jerry Rice is the 11th Greatest Receiver of All Time

If anyone hasn’t heard the news, TPA ha been officially cleared to put our podcasts on Apple. This is huge for us, and will prove to be a big step in our world domination. But this blog isn’t going to be used to flex on everyone about our most recent step forward, it’s to put to rest a hot take I hold near and dear to my heart and finally dive into detail of the fine gentlemen I would take at the wide receiver position other than Jerry Rice. In our most recent podcast, Woody and I discussed some of the best receivers of all time and I famously commented that Jerry Rice is a top-15 receiver of all time, but clearly not number one. Everyone looks at the numbers and sees Rice dominating the record books, but it seems people forget that he played for a crisp 50 years. So I’m here to put the argument to rest on exactly where Jerry Rice lands on the all time list, and who is truly the best receiver to ever live.

To be clear, this isn’t a slander blog on on Jerry Lee Rice. I’ve been accused from our intern, Sup, that I am a Jerry Rice hater. That I am not, but I am a realist. This has been a well-thought out and well researched list of the greatest receivers of all time and I am here to silence the Rice-G.O.AT. people out there. So without further ado, here all all the wide receivers that are better than Jerry Rice.

  1. Randy Moss: Yup, he is simply the greatest receiver of all time. I do have a soft spot for my guy, but all of my colleagues tend to agree. For most of his career, there was absolutely no one better. He made corners look like children running against him and triple teams, yup, TRIPLE TEAMS, be pointless on this man. His speed and hands simply made him better than everyone else on the field. He is clearly the greatest receiver to strap it up.
  2. Calvin Johnson: Megatron is maybe the most physically gifted receiver ever. He is the best athlete in Lion’s history since Barry Sanders. There was no Optimus Prime for Megatron. Although he never won a playoff game and only played 9 seasons, he was simply too good to not put in the top 5, and I really think he was just so purely dominant in his time. He really could overtake Moss if only he played anywhere but in Detroit… and Cleveland.
  3. Terrell Owens: I’ve had T.O. at 2 for a while. He was so amazing whenever he touched the ball and had so many legendary seasons and moments, especially in Super Bowl 39 where he hauled in 9 balls for 122 yards on a broken leg. The reason I had to put T.O. at 3 simply because 3 teams gave up on this all-time receiver for being that bad of a teammate. I do love it, but damn it has to be considered. If he got a ring he maybe could’ve solidified the 2 spot for now.
  4. Antonio Brown: I have watched this man and have doubted him so much. But the more numbers I look at and the more I watch him the more he has me saying “How the hell did he catch that?” He’s just really good. Plain and simple. If you just watch this man, you can see just how spectacular he is. I really hope he can climb up this list and definitely has potential to be the greatest of all time.
  5. Larry Fitzgerald: He has climbed all the ranks of the records for receivers throughout his career and has countless clutch playoff moments, yet no rings unfortunately. The reason this makes him a top 5 receiver is because of these gentlemen: Josh McCown, Kurt Warner, Ryan Lindley, Shaun King, Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Brian Hoyer, John Skelton, Tim Hasselbeck,  John Navarre, Tim Rattay, Brian St. Pierre, Richard Bartel, Max Hall, and Kevin Kolb. Only one Hall of Famer and no it’s not Richard Bartel.
  6. Chris Carter: In the words of Buddy Ryan, all this dude can do is catch touchdowns. He was an elite target for a long time and a guy you have to look at when you need 6.
  7. Marvin Harrison: He was one of those guys that the quarterback would look at on a play no matter what and if that QB happens to be maybe the smartest QBs ever, that’s high praise.
  8. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson: The quickest feet to ever grace the field, he is easily the best receiver to play in Cincy (for now) and I really wish he didn’t head-butt his wife, obviously because domestic violence is terrible, but I wish we could’ve seen him in Miami
  9. A.J. Green: I’m expecting to get a lot of heat for this but he is just a really good receiver and the stats back it up for sure, especially for the fact that he has played with Andy Dalton as a QB. If he can leave Cincy, he will definitely go up this list.
  10. Andre Johnson: Simply a stud. No one could stop this man and he was so dominant on a piss poor team that had Matt Schaub running the show. Great receiver.


And here at 11 is Jerry Lee Rice. I thought he honestly would be lower but after taking a close look, he is comfortably 11 all time. He may fall in the future because some will climb the list. Hey, there’s a lot of good receivers out there. But as of right now, Jerry Rice is the 11th greatest receiver of all time.

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