Poncedeleon Throws 7 No-Hit Innings A Year After Almost Dying On The Mound; Promptly Demoted Back To Triple A

Cardinals pitcher Daniel Poncedeleon’s life for the last fourteen months has been an absolute rollercoaster of one preposterous event after another. In May of 2017 the Triple A pitcher took a line drive to the right temple that almost killed him on the field. After an extensive brain surgery he rehabbed his way back to the Cardinals minor league affiliate to the tune of a 2.15 ERA in 18 starts this year. He was up for Monday’s game against the Reds and pranced his way up and down that mound tossing 7-no hit innings. At 116 pitches through 7 St. Louis manager Mike Shildt decided to take him out of the game. I get pitch counts and keeping a starter fresh, but this is one of those unwritten baseball things that I just cant get behind. If your starters humming through seven goddamn innings, I don’t care if he’s thrown 300 pitches just let the guy have his moment.

After this inspiring performance the Ponceman was riding high for about twenty minutes until he was swiftly demoted back down to the minors. I mean come on, I can’t even feel bad for St. Louis honestly. If you hire a manger named Mike Shiltd, don’t expect greatness, or even mediocrity for that part. On the other hand you get a name like Poncedeleon on a jersey and that’s putting butts in seats, friend. I might buy one today if we’re honest. No matter what this is a story I’m fully behind, Woody and the Poncester, a tale as old as time.

More blogs coming soon so read ’em, or don’t. Ride your own wave, but seriously, read them and put food on my table. I’m hungry.

Author: Woody

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