Reggie Bush was Really Good and USC Fans Still Don’t Appreciate Him.

On many occasions, I tend to zone out completely from what’s going on in my life and solely just think about past football players, their careers, watch their highlights, and where I’d rank them all time. Insane? Yes. Am I ashamed? A little. But hey, I suppose there are worse ways to spend my time. 

Today, I stumbled across some highlights of probably the greatest running back to ever play College football: Reggie Bush. It seems every highlight i see of his of his time at USC just get more electric the more I watch. This triggered me to do some digging on the President (yeah, that was his nickname, an overlooked one in my eyes) and I wanted to read more up on what exactly went down at USC that made for his legacy to essentially be stripped. So where do you go when you need to find some solid, factual information? The same place I go for essays: Wikipedia.

As many of you already know, he was stripped of his awards at the school because reports came out that he took “gifts” from agents while he was at college which as everyone knows is a HUGE Nono in the eyes of the NCAA. Bush obviously denied the claims because who wouldn’t? Bush ended up being sued for not paying back $290,000 in “gifts” to agent Lloyd Lake in the matter as well. Last time I checked though, I didn’t think gifts needed to be repaid. I’d hate to see what Christmas is like in the Lake house. 

When the truth came out that Bush had been living the life of an NFL player in college with multiple homes, limo rides, and loads of money, USC sent his Heisman back and stripped every award he ever got at SC and the school was severely punished by the NCAA. 

I dug around on some SC message boards and boy they still don’t like this man. They said he lied to the school and said he deserved what he got. 

So I guess he should be sorry for doing what most NFL-caliber players do? Sorry that he bought a house for his parents? Sorry that the school itself got severely punished for his actions when the school was the one that erased him from the record books and probably could’ve helped Reggie in the NFL process, especially for being such a prestigious school? It’s part of the game man, you gotta take what you get and sometimes the NCAA brings the hammer down on you. 

It just really saddens me to see a player of his caliber be treated so poorly by his school when all he did was make his pockets thicker. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same, SC fans. It’s time to embrace the best player to ever put on those fuego gold and cardinal uniforms or if you want to keep his legacy wrongfully tarnished, you might want to start pulling down some banners for real crimes, let’s say armed robbery? 


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