The 2018 Hall of Fame Weekend Did Not Disappoint

Hall of Fame weekend has come and gone and the class of 2018 are officially Hall of Famers. What a weekend it was and what a class it was. As good as the class was, the speeches were even better. Some highlights were Jerry Kramer talking of the good ole days in Green Bay where he negotiated to get a bag of a whopping $8,000. Brian Urlacher brought tears to the crowds’ eyes with his emotional speech, something I didn’t expect but now have a new found respect for him. Dawkins, who didn’t need a microphone with the pure passion he spoke with which got the Eagles fans crazier than I’ve ever seen them. Randy Moss, who delivered a great speech with that classic West Virginian accent and got the crowd riled up with his praise of the Patriots (and had ya boy pumped up). And finally, Ray Lewis who did not disappoint by walking around the stage while delivering his speech. 

TPA was able to make our presence felt and got to talk to some big names the NFL has to offer, and we made some new pals along the way. We had some good convos with guys like Rich Eisen and talked football with Bills coach Sean McDermott for about a minute. We got a quick wave from Chuck Pagano, who just by looks is a guy I want to hang out with. Finally we got to talk to some legends of the game such as John Hannah. We had a good convo about Western Massachusetts and the Alabama Crimson Tide, And even got to have a few words with Steve Smith Sr. Unfortunately, none committed to interviews with TPA. 

With maybe the greatest class of all time wrapping up their special weekend, this means the NFL season has officially begun. Preseason football is starting up and the season is a little over a month away. We at TPA can’t wait for the season to begin and are ready to analyze every bit of the NFL and what should be an exciting 2018 season.

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