Where The F??k Have We Been?

Our internet volcano has been rather dormant for the last few months, and our small crop of half-baked followers may be wondering where we’ve been, or what else we could possibly be doing with our disappointing lives. Well pal, I’m here to set the record straight. For last few months we’ve been kicking names and taking ass but we’re back to erupt all over each and every last one of you.

Kickass GIF

GIF via Uproxx

Kicking ass and taking names? Caressing ass and wrestling names? All of the above but I digress, we’ve been living Liam Neeson levels of badassery and you sir may not have my daughter. To catch you up on things we’ve all been moderate levels of busy between school, work, sleep, girlfriends (boyfriends..?), wallowing in self pity, and general hooliganism. We got the since rebranded Zero Talent Podcast onto Apple which had a heroic three episode run before Doug and Cam moved to a distant, barren mountain land known to locals as “New Hampshire”. Jokes aside the whole reason we started this thing was for me and Doug’s love of podcasts and that should be back soon with a groundbreaking bang to come.

We honestly got pretty burnt out from the blog after about a five month stretch of multiple posts a day, running the Twitter account, and learning to podcast all on top of full time college schedules. The blog will be admittedly sporadic as we get back on schedule but we’ve refocused and should be as regular as a Matt Patricia bowel movement in no time. This blog is pretty much just a dusting off of the ole internet blogger cobwebs so the full slate of content can get back out there starting tomorrow. Big thanks to anyone who reads because this is just something we genuinely we enjoy doing and if we happen to line our pockets a little as we do it then I’d call that a win-win. Share are stuff on Twitter and Facebook if you can because it really does help, and let’s all have a goddamn week people.

Author: Woody


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