The NCAA actually screwed Dez Bryant

Trying to find new stories to blog about is hard. Especially when you’re in school and there are not many huge stories that are happening as of now. But hey, when the boss man says he wants all hands on deck for a rebuild you try and do a quick blog a day if you can. So after watching some mini-documentaries and reading countless articles on a matter that interests you, you have to throw in your take, even if it’s eight years too late.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about Dez Bryant and his history leading up to 2018. Arguably the most dominant receiver from 2012-2014, he may never play football again after a severe Achilles injury. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy. Especially someone who I feel had something left in the tank when he left Dallas. I thought New Orleans would be a good spot, a team who has its shit together for the most part, I thought he could give a few more decent years to the Saints.

What makes me feel extra bad for him now is what I found out happened to him in college. According to an article by newsok, Bryant was suspended the entirety of his junior year in college because he lied about meeting for lunch with Hall of Famer Deion Sanders (by the way, meeting with a former hall of fame player is against no rules in the NCAA, but because he lied during an investigation, he’s punished).

Yes I know, he did lie in a statement to an investigation. But really think. A 20 year old is sitting in front of men and suits fearing he may be in serious trouble for having lunch with an NFL player denies the meeting so he won’t get in trouble. What kid wouldn’t? It also should be brought up that Dez Bryant has no law degree, so how would he know what he can and can’t say? It sounds like maybe he should have had a competent lawyer present before the NCAA grilled him on something that isn’t against any rule.

To be fair, the NCAA did conduct this investigation because they feared he met with agents during that lunch, which is against NCAA rules. But when there was no proof they decided to penalize him for lying about something that isn’t against ANY rule. Did I mention the suspension was for the ENTIRE season?! Not just a game or a half. An entire season. I’ve always been a for-the-player guy when it comes to situations like this, just like my blog about Reggie Bush:

This story really frustrates me and it’s hard to convince me otherwise that the NCAA looks extremely ugly for this situation. I do understand you cannot lie during these investigations and Bryant did so. But man, when people are being interrogated without a lawyer present, better men than Dez have said something stupid. To take away his season was completely shameful for the NCAA. Oh, I forgot, the NCAA has no shame.


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