Hot Take: Dan Marino might just be the Greatest Quarterback to ever live

For college students all around the world, finals are over and winter break can officially start. So what to do with almost an entire month of school off? Polish my resume for future internships? Do some Holiday shopping instead of waiting till the last minute like so many years before? Nah, I’m going to think about who the greatest quarterback of all time is to myself like a crazy person.

Recently before I left school, some friends of mine were talking about why certain quarterbacks were better than others because of Super Bowl wins. Really thinking about it, I think it’s truly a hard way to determine whether a quarterback was good or not. Sure, it plays a factor, but Trent Dilfer also is a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Does that make him better than Michael Vick? Something to think about.

One of the more popular quarterbacks to never win a ring is Dan Marino. In his career he’s done it all. Held almost every passing record in the book for many years, went to nine pro bowls (when that meant something) and even starred in a movie with Jim Carey!


The one thing missing from his illustrious career is a Super Bowl ring. But does that matter all that much? One interesting stat I’ve found is that throughout the entire history of the NFL, four players have thrown over 500 touchdowns for an entire career (Peyton Brees Brady Favre). After that, no quarterback to this day has thrown for over 400 touchdowns aside from Dan Marino. What’s more impressive than that? The three guys below him in the all time touchdown list are all current QBs (Rivers, Eli, and Big Ben). That means that all of the quarterbacks Marino played against in his tenure, guys with the name of Montana, Elway, Young, Moon and Kelly didn’t dominate the air attack the way Marino did.

Sure, Marino didn’t win a ring like some of those names did. But another thing Marino lacked was a receiver. Most hall of fame quarterbacks have a hall of fame receiver to compliment them. Montana had Rice, Brady had Moss, Peyton had Harrison. Marino had Mark Clayton. Clayton was nice but was certainly no Rice. So yes, Marino did do extraordinary things at the quarterback position with very little help. In fact, he only played alongside one hall of famer ever, center Dwight Stevenson.

Sure, Dan doesn’t have the bling Montana or Brady has. But it’s almost like it takes more than one player to win a ring. Almost like football’s a team sport??  But he easily played with the least amount of talent of his and maybe every generation, but played better than pretty much every quarterback in history. I’ve already received flack for this take, and I’m prepared to be yelled at, but I’ll say it: Dan the Man might just be the GOAT.

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