The Honest Truth: What New Coaching Hires Mean and why the Colts should Trade for Antonio Brown

Look I’m gonna be real honest, when me and my two pals started this blog we had this amazing vision for it. We had a lot of ideas and really treated it like a business. We wanted to make money talking about things we love: sports. Even though I thought we had some great ideas and a great vision for the future, we simply don’t write enough. It’s all about producing content which we don’t do nearly enough. Life gets in the way sometimes man, shit happens.

That being said I still love getting to blog, and it’s different to podcasts where everyone has a take and it needs to be said and argued. In a blog it’s just me and I can say whatever I want. So I decided I don’t really care about TPA right now, none of us are committed enough. But I still like having my voice be heard by no one in particular about takes I have that very little people care about. So I am currently going to use this website to give my takes on sports, and maybe life. There’s a chance no one will EVER read this and that’s fine, I’m just glad I can get my takes out onto the internet.

Now, Antonio Brown. Let’s talk about it. Reports are he probably will not be a steeler by the time of the 2019 NFL season. There’s been reports of him and Ben Rothlesburger getting into a fight, to reports of him just not showing up, who knows. Side note, I actually can’t believe guys like Peter King voted against Brown in the all pro discussion. He leads the league in touchdown catches but is simply too bad of a teammate to make an all pro team? Okay. Either way he’s getting traded and there are a lot of suitors but I think the Colts should do it. They have a lot of draft stock to trade, they have a complete team with a TON of cap room to improve and they NEED a wide receiver. To have the best receiver in the game along with TY Hilton. That’d be dangerous. Plus the Colts wouldn’t be paying too much of his contract so they’d still have massive cap space. Maybe convince Lev Bell to reconsider and show him Indiana isn’t a horrible state after all? If they teamed up in Indy that’d probably be the best chance they have to win a ring realistically. Indy has a lot to build on as well and a lot of cap space and draft pics to get better. Personally if I were Pittsburgh I guess the move would be to send him to Arizona or something. Somewhere where he’s not a threat.

Speaking of Arizona, they are one of the teams that has currently had a new Head Coach take over. They hired former Texas Tech head coach and certified DILF Kliff Kingsbury. He is an offensive guru much comparable to Sean Mcvay. I see the vision with the hire, but I do think this whole “hire the young hot offensive coach” will most certainly burn out quickly. I was all about the hire at first and now I hear that they might take Kyler Murray with the first pick? It’s all just rumors and WAY too soon to tell but the fact that it’s a story important media people are talking about isn’t a great start to the Rosen/Kingsbury era. Say what you want about Rosen, he played with shit this year and practically no o-line, I’m not ready to cast him away just yet. 

Bruce Arians is coaching Tampa now, and I love it. Long term I don’t know how it’ll go but these next three years will be interesting. Arians has a talented staff to coach and a team more talented than anyone he’s ever coached, they just had no true leader. BA is the guy to do it. I do think the Bucs can have some success and I’m excited to see how he does in Tampa.

Lastly the Jets hired Adam Gase and I think that’s the perfect hire. You have the guy who made Tim Tebow an offense to help him win NFL games, call the plays for the historic 2013 Broncos offense, and make Jay Cutler into something everyone thought he’d be taking over and letting him groom Sam Darnold. I do think he had a tough go in Miami, they were certainly in a weird place when he was the coach and maybe it was best for him to leave as well. However I’m excited to see what he can do and I do think the Jets are really trying to do anything and everything to make Darnold succeed. So yeah, these are my takes

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