Was Adam Gase High during his Jets Head Coach Press Conference?

Figured it’s a good time to give some takes on the weeks big new in sports.

I’m gonna jump right in to the NFL’s final four: Saints, Pats, Chiefs, and Rams. Now as a Pats fan, I’m very excited, but more stressed about this week. I do think the patriots can and will win, but it won’t be easy. Honestly if they can just run the ball and manage the clock like they have been attempting to do all year and did really well against the Chargers. If they can control the clock there’s not much Mahomes and his magical arm can do. 

Now to the Rams Saints game: I really really wish this game was the later game, that way I could comprehend and accept what will be the fate of my Patriots and enjoy this electric game. Two of the best offenses playing on a very fast field. I think it will be an exciting game with two of the best offensive minds (Payton and McVay) going pound for pound and I can’t wait to see which one of these guys has the bigger balls in terms of the crazy shit they call. Electric. As much as my head is saying Saints, my guts telling me Rams. Plus, it’ll fulfill my preseason Super Bowl prediction and give me some much-needed clout. 

I wanna touch on some college football and the blockbuster transfers that have taken place today. First, former Bama quarterback Jalen Hurts is transferring to Oklahoma to start next year. I love the move for both parties. Hurts gets a fresh start and will get to show off his ability for a year before he will attempt to go pro. He’ll also be doing it in an offense that produced two Heisman winners in a row. For the Sooners, you get a proven guy who has a good reputation as a locker room guy to groom their true freshmen and 5-star guy Spenser Rattler. 

Miami got some good news as well with the announcement former Ohio State quarterback Tate Martell will be transferring to the U. Tate will be reuniting with some of his old Bishop-Gorman High School teammates there to attempt to bring the U back. Martell was the #1 high school quarterback in the nation so he sure has the talent, I think he needs to be in a good system that plays to his strengths and he can be successful in Miami. Is the U back? Maybe. Hopefully. Side note smart move for Martell, get out of the deserted wasteland of Columbus, Ohio and spend your college years, the best years of your life some would say, in Miami. Not bad. 

Lastly, was Adam Gase good at his introductory press conference? This isn’t a joke or anything like he seriously looked like he was high on something. I did some research and many people say he’s never done anything of the sorts before. I wonder if he’s sick or drugged up on something. Either way not a great start in front of the strongest media presence in the country. I watched some of the press conference and he could’ve been giving us the answer on how to end racism and I think everyone would’ve missed it because of whatever was going on with him.

I guess that’s it, before I post this I’m watching the Celtics Raptors game as I write this and damn Kawhi Leonard is good. Like REALLY good. Just some food for thought next time you’re with your boys, is Kawhi the best player in the league right now? Something to think about. 

Image from the New York Post

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