This Championship Weekend was One for the Books

Super Bowl 53 is officially set. My preseason prediction of the Rams and Pats playing for it all in Atlanta has come true and I couldn’t feel more like a guru personally. Before I do super bowl talk I want to break down the greatest championship weekend of all time. 

I’ll start with the earlier game, and I’ll ignore 58 minutes of that game and just talk about the very obvious penalty that happened to essentially end the Saints season. I say penalty because you can call it PI or helmet to helmet. Whatever. It was a horrendous call and cost the Saints the season. I’d be pissed. That being said, the Saints had that game and frankly blew it. I hate to say it, but look at Super Bowl 52. It was agreed that the famous “Philly Special” play was an illegal formation. There was a few catches for the eagles that shouldn’t have been catches. Bad calls happen but you have to overcome. Yes, the non call in New Orleans definitely meant more than the non-call in Minnesota a year ago. But my point still stands

Now onto my game, maybe the greatest, most emotional, roller coaster game I’ve seen. So many things went through my head in that game. First: congrats to Mahomes and the Chiefs. Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league and I definitely think will be back and will have a chance to win it next time. Keep your heads up Chiefs fans. That being said: I am so incredibly blessed to be born at this point and at the lat-long point I am. I love the Patriots and I love this ride we’re on. I don’t care what anyone says: the New England Patriots are the greatest dynasty in sports. If you want to say Brady is overrated, the Pats are lucky, go ahead. They’re going to the Super Bowl for the 11th time in franchise history. The best team ever. And the fact that this is done in the salary cap era? Unreal. Brady is unquestionably the best playoff quarterback ever and I think you HAVE to say Edelman is one of the best playoff players ever. Yes, he had 2 plays that damn near costed us the season. He looked like a rookie. But damn, he’s a sure handed threat for the Patriots and I am so happy he’s going to be playing in this Super Bowl. You can guarantee at least 8 catches for the guy. What a player. 

Now to the Super Bowl: Rams Pats. I have to stay true to my prediction: Pats win the Super Bowl. But to really dissect the game: I think the Pats are playing the worst team out of the Saints and Rams. Yes, on paper the Rams are the best team in the league. But the Saints played better today no matter what you say. However, it will be a fun one, there’s a lot of playmakers on both sides and it is really cool to think it’s old school vs new school in this game. I do think the Pat’s receivers will be better against the Ram’s secondary. While they’re talented, the slot receivers that can go over the middle and will be difficult for man-to-man corners to handle. No matter what happens it will be a fun game, and I cannot wait for this Super Bowl.

I wanted to leave this for the end just so it sinks in: the New England Patriots are AFC Champions yet again.

image from the ringer

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